Different Ways of Making Smoothies without A Blender

There comes a time when nothing feels better than having an extremely cool fruit smoothie. But there’s also nothing worse than not having access to a blender when the craving is at its highest. So what can you do when you really must have a smoothie? Well, you need to look for ingredients that will allow you to make a smoothie without using a blender.

You don't necessarily need a blender to make smoothies.This might feel like a very hard task but you can easily find some ingredients by searching on the Internet. Obviously the texture might not be the same as a smoothie made in a blender but you will prefer a glass of an extremely refreshing smoothie to nothing. I have given some examples of ingredients that will allow you to do this without needing a blender.

An Avocado is superfood as it has extremely amazing nutrients. Normally, if you try to make a smoothie without a blender then the consistency is usually a bit watery. If you smash an Avocado and mix it with the rest of your ingredients, the consistency will be thicker and creamier.

Chia seeds would also be considered as being a part of the superfoods group. It is particularly advantageous when used in smoothie as it forms a thick gel when mixed with water and other liquids. Greek yogurt is another ingredient that will make the smoothie a bit thicker. Powders can also be mixed with water bit by bit to thicken the watery consistency.

These are just a few ingredients that you can use to make a smoothie without a blender. But, there are some tools that you can also use as an alternative to a blender. A whisk would be a perfect alternative and you’re bound to find it at home.

It basically acts as a manual smoothie maker and is usually quite effective in smoothing out the ingredients. You can also use something like a shaker to smoothen out the ingredients but in this case, you will need liquid and smooth ingredients. I agree that making a smoothie without a blender isn’t ideal but when you’re really craving this, it won’t hurt to use this strategy.