Try An Extremely Sweet Smoothie that doesn’t have Much Sugar

It’s essential to lower the consumption of sugar when you are trying to stay on a healthy diet. A lot of people have plenty of fruits during this time but the truth is that even naturally occurring sugars should be eaten in moderation. So what’s the solution when you really feel like eating something sweet?

This smoothie is extremely sweet but barely has any sugar.The best thing to do is to try this creamy and extremely sweet low-sugar smoothie. There are several ingredients that you’ll have to use but the first thing to do is to pull out a good quality blender because you’ll be blending lots of solids. Generally, the main ingredients that you’ll be using are Spinach, Strawberries, Blueberries and Cashew Nuts.

So normally, I throw in some Spinach followed by a few chopped Strawberries and Blueberries. I also use unsweetened Almond milk as the main liquid. The use of unsweetened milk is very important here. I blend all of these ingredients and this should form a smooth smoothie. You can also add some cashew nuts at this time and a protein powder of your choice. Protein powder can also have lots of sugars so I try to go for Pea protein but you can choose any plant-based protein that doesn’t have any added sugars. Once you’ve blended all of this, the next step is to add a tiny bit of cinnamon to flavor. As you can see that the ingredients are all natural and don’t have any added sugars. Despite this, the smoothie will look and taste amazing.

Obviously you’ll need to alter the amount of ingredients used to change the taste according to your own requirements. Or you can even try other similar smoothie recipes.