What is Loop Twenty Two

Loop Twenty Two is a new platform that will provide it’s readers with high quality information in relation to health, diet, exercise and weight loss. This can include the newest mystery supplements that have been hitting news and are being tried by celebrities.

Every time you read a health article, you will notice that another article provides conflicting information. The plan at Looptwentytwo.com is to prevent this from happening by looking at scientific literature in details.

Most of the time, the information being provided is biased and has been created by so called health “gurus” alongside big companies whose main intention is to make money. We can only avoid being a victim of this false game by questioning everything we see on the Internet. We need to look at both sides of the argument and decide for ourselves as to which side we should be on. The science aspect of this should allow us to do this.

In general, if you’re even remotely interested in health, nutrition and exercise then you have come to the right place!